The Facebook owned social network, whatsapp has placed limit on sharing in order to fight misinformation.

This means that, one can only forward a chat received to only one chat at a time.

Way back 2019, whatsapp, placed limits on chat forwarding in order to prevent fake news and misinformation.

Initially, whatsapp messages can be forwarded to maximum of 20 people but this was reduced to five.

According to a blog post by whatsapp, it stated that due to the lock down, many are relying on messaging apps to keep in touch with their family.

Due to the massive traffics on the messaging apps, many are also using that medium to spread fake news.

In order to fight this, whatsapp is now putting limits on messages shared from five chats to only one chat.

According to BBC, “Within minutes, fake news shared on WhatsApp can reach millions”.


BBC news and whatsapp is entreating everybody to think twice before forwarding an information about COVID-19