An interesting beef has erupted between Rapper, and after the latter’s tweet that many tagged as disrespectfully to President .

Bridget Otoo has landed a heavy punch on D-Black and warn him not to pass his attitude of not questioning people to his children because that was what got him scammed by Dr. UN to go all the way and receive a water bottle award.

It all Started when Bridget Otoo on independence day fired a direct shot at the president for saying ‘We Freed our Nation’ in his speech. Her comment generated a lot of mixed reactions from Ghanaians including D-Black who brand it as Tad disrespectful.

“Isn’t this tad disrespectful?“ D-Black replies to Bridget Otoo asking the President Akufo-Addo “You and who freed our nation”


The argument gradually intensify after a user ask the Black Avenue Music Boss if the president cannot be questioned.

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“So Ghanaians can no longer question their President because it’s Akuffo-Addo in power?. is in this mess because of hypocites like you who have sold their conscience for pittance.” One Twitter user tells D-Black.

D-Black is surely not going to turn a blind side on that one and decided to schooled the user about how well he was brought up not to disrespect Elders and Leaders and that was when Bridget Otoo arrived in violence mode to with full bullets on her ready to finish him.

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“You wouldn’t have ended up at Dr. UN’s awards if you were raised to ask questions“ - Bridget Otoo Punch D-black hard in fresh beef

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