Miles Sampa, the Mayor of Lusaka Zambia and Edger Mulwanda, the national health minister have reportedly shut down a Chinese restaurant following concerns that the owners were discriminating against Zambian citizens.

According to a report by MUVI TV which was widely shared on social media, Latian Restaurant denied a Zambian local entry and also referred to him as a stranger in his own country.

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This incident sparked outrage after the news was presented on national TV. The local authorities responded swiftly to the issue by closing the facility.

The Mayor disclosed to the media after shutting down the restaurant that, the operators were working with expired fire certificate, they sell products with labels written in Chinese which is against the law and also working without a license from the LLC.

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Mr. Sampa promised to clamp down on Restaurants and other hospitality services that are conducting business without proper documentation or in an unethical manner.

“Apartheid finished a long time ago in Lusaka after Zambia gained independence in 1964,” the mayor added.