Yaa Jackson exposed b**bs in front of her audience during her stage performance

Yaa Jackson

Ghanaian entertainer, Yaa Jackson, gave her crowd a free show when she streaked her boobs during an exhibition.

The entertainer, while performing at DJ Wobeti’s birthday slam, encountered a closet breakdown which uncovered her cleavage.

Doing whatever she might want to do in front of an audience as she sings one of her hit melodies including Fameye, Ehwe Papa Nie, saw her shirt had gone free.

The strings, which got her hanging and uncovering sparkly pullover, got free yet she was uninterested.

Getting to the tail part of her exhibition, the string tore open, uncovering her whole chest region.

In any case, she was saved, the shame by the areola cover she wore underneath the shirt.

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Determined to finish the performance like she started, actress Jackson continued amid the from the patrons who had gathered at the Tema venue.

She was saved by her back-up artist who tied her string while she kept engaging the fans.

Watch the video below: 

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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