A guy says if God knows us before we were born, then he knows everything about us during and after life.

The controversial guy known as Kalyjay asked Christians whether his assertion was true or false.

“If God knows us before we are born and knows our then He knows Which people are going to hell and those going to Heaven already or??” – Kaly wrote.


As usual, some Christians took their time to respond to him. See a few as captured from Twitter below:

  • Yeah I always say this… if God already knows everything that will happen then our lives a scripted…anything you do you don’t do cus you decided to do it …you did cus thats what you were born to do
  • that’s not what we were born to do… that’s what we chose to do
  • A question most pastors refrain from but won’t hesitate to teach on tithing and giving cus it benefits them.
  • Yhh God knows the Future but He doesn’t know the number of people going to Hell or Heaven because the choice is yours (Two Choices) Good or Bad…But God said it will be good if u choose the Right way for yourself but still the choice is yours mahn…
  • no He doesn’t because he has given us something and that’s the WILL POWER. it’s in our hands to go to heaven or hell but again He wants to help us make it easy so he gave us GRACE which we abuse every day
  • But on the real God will know where you will end up based on the kind of life you lived on earth and he has the power to decide your fate afterwards, just like moses. It’s that simple.
  • Of course he knows everything, but you still need to follow the right thing, and forgot about how it will end with u…or you dont know the good from bad??

See the screenshot below:

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What’s your take on this?

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