A female Twitter user reveals she wouldn’t task herself to dating only a guy who owns a car or house when she can’t afford one herself.

According to the 26 year old lady, she doesn’t have the capacity to own a car nor build a house at the moment hence there’s no way she should be expecting his potential man to have one at the same age before she can agree to his proposal because the fact she couldn’t afford it means it’s very difficult to acquire it at that age.

“I am a 26 years old lady, l no get car, l no get house, why should l expect a 26 years old guy to have these before l can date him? She quized

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She subtly described ladies that fancy the flashy lifestyle of guys to the extent of setting rules for themselves to date only men who owns cars as ones whose heads are not correct before advising them to get the expensive things for themselves if they find it important for their egos.

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Why should l expect a guy to own a car before l can date him when l don’t have one at his age - Sensible Lady asks

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