Aston Villa Football Club Scholarship 2024/2025

Are you a football enthusiast? Then this article is for you. The Aston Villa scholarship collaborates with three nearby further education providers to provide exceptional Football and Education programs. These programs are specifically designed to empower young individuals between the ages of 16 and 19, offering them the chance to pursue A Level and BTEC…

Are you a football enthusiast? Then this article is for you. The Aston Villa scholarship collaborates with three nearby further education providers to provide exceptional Football and Education programs.

These programs are specifically designed to empower young individuals between the ages of 16 and 19, offering them the chance to pursue A Level and BTEC qualifications while simultaneously training and studying towards a promising career in the field of sports.

About Aston Villa Football Club

Aston Villa, established in 1874, is a participant in the Premier League, which is the highest division of the English football league system. Since 1897, the team has been playing their home matches at Villa Park.

Aston Villa has been a prominent English club since the 1880s, where they were pioneers of the modern passing game.

In 1992, Aston Villa became one of the founding members of the Premier League, making them one of only three clubs to have been founding members of both the Football League and the Premier League.

During the 1990s, the club regularly qualified for European football. However, they faced difficulties competing with the significant financial investments made by other leading clubs.

As a result, Doug Ellis sold his ownership stake in the club to American billionaire Randy Lerner. Unfortunately, Villa experienced their first and only relegation from the Premier League in the 2015-16 season under Lerner’s ownership. However, the club made a comeback and returned to the Premier League in 2019.

Throughout its history, Aston Villa has spent 110 seasons in the top flight, which is the second highest among all clubs. Additionally, the club has produced 76 England internationals, also the second highest among all clubs. Aston Villa currently holds the 5th position in the all-time English top-flight table since its establishment in 1888.

Furthermore, the club is the seventh most successful club in English football based on competitive honours.

Trophies Won By Aston Villa

Aston Villa have achieved victory in the Football League First Division seven times, won the FA Cup seven times, triumphed in the League Cup five times, and emerged as champions in both the European Cup and European Super Cup once.

Aston Villa Academy – Soccer schools

Aston Villa Soccer Schools are a fantastic way for children aged between 5-12 years old to stay active, learn new football skills and most importantly have fun in a safe and secure environment.

Our Soccer Schools give children an opportunity to socialise with friends and interact and work together with kids from different schools and football teams. Young players will also have the chance to work on their football skills in drills and matches put on by our expert coaches.

Syllabus at Aston Villa Academy

The training programme at Aston Villa Academy is broken into technical and tactical training, with a special module for Goalkeepers. The below demonstrates:

  1. The professional development phase at the Aston Villa Academy
  2. The youth development phase at the Aston Villa Academy
  3. The foundation phase at the Aston Villa Academy
  4. The youth / professional development phase at the Aston Villa Academy
  5. The foundation development goalkeeper phase at the Aston Villa Academy

Aston Villa Academy Scholarship

Together with Aston University, they have created the Foundation Aston Villa Social Enterprise Academy, to provide local school students with important business skills. This collaboration demonstrates Aston Villa’s dedication to their community and the nurturing of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Aston Villa scholarship Scholarship allows you to get a 5% discount on tuition as well:

  1. Access networking in Villa Park;
  2. Insider experience in the football club Aston Villa;
  3. Opportunities available to brand ambassadors Aston University;
  4. Access unique content digital channels at Aston Villa.

How to get scouted by an Aston Villa Academy scout

Aston Villa Academy scouts provide players with an incredible opportunity to showcase their skills through trials. While some players may be fortunate enough to catch the attention of scouts during games, Aston Villa understands that exceptional talent can sometimes go unnoticed.

Therefore, they also extend the chance for players to directly reach out to them using the contact details provided below. It’s important to note that due to the high number of applications received, they may not be able to respond to everyone.

However, this method serves as an effective way to inform scouts about aspiring talents who are eager to elevate their football journey and secure a trial at Aston Villa Academy.

Requirements To Apply for the Aston Villa Academy Scholarship

To apply for the Academy, candidates should be aware that certain requirements must be met. In addition, Aston Villa may be able to offer employment opportunities to its candidates.

  1. A strong academic performance with recommendations from the applicant’s educational institution.
  2. Submit accurate information about the applicant, if there is a pre-existing club and their contact details.
  3. Proof of parental agreement, particularly for students under 18 years of age, before enrollment in the Aston Villa soccer school.
  4. Evidence of the financial requirement if the applicant is applying for Aston Villa FC scholarship
  5. Strive to provide a video of themselves, this method applies mainly to international applicants.
  6. You can apply by visiting this link:

How To Get a Scholarship to Aston Villa Soccer School

  1. The first step to qualify for a scholarship is to join a football school or club near you. Aston Villa FC Scouts visit football clubs looking for youngsters.
  2. You must also download the Aston Villa Scholarship Application form fill out all your corresponding details and send it through email at [email protected]
  3. Athletes should post videos of themselves in academia and training. You can also make videos of your training sessions, skills, and competitions then email or post with the help of social media. Make sure you tag Aston Villa FC on Instagram or Twitter.

FAQs On Aston Villa FC Scholarship

1. Where do Aston Villa Academy train?

  • The academy trains at the Bodymoor Heath Training Academy

2. How to get scouted for Aston Villa?

  • Some players prefer a direct approach sending in links to videos of themselves playing football, but it is worth bearing in mind that clubs receive thousands of these videos each week and simply don’t have time to watch them all and go about their daily business, so the most effective way of getting scouted.

3. Does Aston Villa have an Academy?

  • Yes. Aston Villa has an academy which is the youth development side of Premier League team Aston Villa.

4. What is the minimum age required to apply to Aston Villa Academy?

  • The minimum age required is 5 years.

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