AY Poyoo and Hon. Aponkye clashed in a fierce freestyle battle on Adom TV.

Two of Ghana’s leading comical celebrities AY Poyoo and Hon. Aponkye both clashed peacefully on TV. It was captured on Adom TV.

Their face-off was amusing.

The program dubbed ‘Ahosepe Court’ aired on Adom TV had the two argue legally over who actually owns the title ‘Aponkye’ which literally means; ‘Goat’.

At a point in time, AY Poyoo was given an instrumental to freestyle on it and Hon. Aponkye caused a bit of confusion by interfering in the process which caused some friction in the studio.

They are expected to have another face-off in the coming episodes until one of them manages to win the battle.

Watch The Video Below:

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