HIPAA Law is trending on social media after a middle-aged woman argued with the restaurant manager over renting a yacht. Netizens are eager to find the details of HIPAA Law.

HIPAA Law is a rule and regulation which provides proper guidance of Protected Health Information (PHI) to protect the sensitive patient’s health information from being disclosed.

However, this definition might not work for a woman who is currently viral on Twitter.

The tweeting platform is enjoying the usage of HIPAA Law by a woman who was filmed saying it under different circumstances.

While the people who know about the law are correcting the woman through their tweets, others who are new to the term HIPAA Law are wondering what the woman was talking about and what does that mean.

Well, let’s find out in the article.

Viral: What Is HIPAA Law Violation?

HIPAA Law violation is the failure to follow the aspects of HIPAA standards and provisions.

HIPAA covers the issues of health plans, health insurance, and health-related information. The law provides guidance on the proper use of PHI, how to secure PHI, and the steps to proceed if there is a PHI breach.

So, with HIPAA rules dealing with health care, there are hundreds of ways to violate the rule. The most common violations are failure to implement safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of PHI, failure to maintain and monitor PHI access logs, and unauthorized accessing of PHI.

Other common violations include improper disposal of PHI, failure to conduct risk analysis, and theft of patient records. Additional violations can be found by clicking here.

There are penalties for the violation of HIPAA rules as well with the financial compensation ranging from $100 to $50,000 per violation and one could be charged from $25,000 to $1.5 million per year on the basis of different tiers.

You can watch the viral video on Twitter where a woman talks about a HIPAA rule.

HIPAA Law Privacy Rule And Meaning

HIPAA Law’s privacy rule regulates the use and disclosure of individual’s health information by entities.

One of the three HIPAA rules, Privacy rules was issued on April 14, 2003, which contains standards for individuals’ rights to understand and how their health information is being used.

Healthcare providers, health plans, healthcare clearinghouses, and business associates are the covered entities of the Privacy rule.

Other rules of HIPAA Law include the Security Rule and the Breach Notification Rule.

HIPAA Law Viral Video On Twitter

A middle-aged woman’s video was recorded who talked about HIPAA Law and now the video has been viral on Twitter.

She can be seen arguing with the manager of the restaurant in a high-pitched voice. Her aggressive behavior was laughed at by the recorder when she speak about the HIPAA Law.

The woman wanted to rent a yacht while the manager was repeatedly telling her that the yacht were personal and could not be rented.

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