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Below is a message from a lady to relationship coach . The lady thinks her boyfriend has no right to be angry for lying to him once.

Read the full message below:

“should i still apologize to him or look away? i am tired of calling.
dear joro, I have been dating this guy for roughly 3 months. I like him and i believe he does too.


So this weekend, he traveled out of lagos for a wedding,i was supposed to go with him,due to work i couldn’t.

I sha decided to use his absence to flex small, so i traveled nearby to spend the night with a friend.The night i traveled, he called as usual and asked where i was, i lied that i was going home and was stuck in traffic.

This man did the unexpected, called my aunt twice to reconfirm if i was home o.Me that i didn’t tell anyone at home where i was, my aunt said she thought i was with him.Na so he called later to ask about my location, i still lied that i was home,

he said i should give the phone to my aunt, i said she was sleeping…next thing he called my aunt on his other line, kept in on speaker and my aunt said she hasn’t seen me.

I almost entered the ground.He just said good night, he sent a msg which he later deleted sha. i sha called back to confess that I was at my friend’s place. He just asked if it was a guy or girl (i said girl) and he said goodnight. (he has told me before he detests lies).

I called him the following afternoon,he didn’t pick,i stopped calling 2 days after the incident and decided to give him space. He still hasn’t called or spoken to me. I believe if he truly cares,he would v reached out by now or answered my calls.

why would he even call my aunt?? I am starting to think he wants to use this as an excuse to walk away cos this is even the first time this is happening, and it’s not like he has shown 100% commitment or loyalty in the relationship. I don’t know what else to do

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