is not stopping his rants against the Electoral commission anytime soon and it’s all down to their chairpersons declaration of President as President Elect.

After trowing several jabs in the past, Ibrah claim he only spared the EC Boss back in 2018 because he never knew he would lie to Ghanaians today that the incumbent Government has secured another term in the Jubilee House. “

He wrote; Had l known EC Boss Madam Jean MensMensah would have come to Lie to Ghanaians, would Have added her to my 2018 slay Queens” Had l known is always at last they say ‘Poor Ibrah’.

Ibrah further jabbed that he would have easily had his way into the EC boss with the use of money because it is clear from all indications that she loves money. “From the look of things she is a money Lover. He added.

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