Ghanaian rapper during his past interview with TV3 spoke about his ‘Favour’ song featuring and and how the latter failed to show up during the video shoot.

has disclosed that he is on the same level with as an industry colleague and as well stated emphatically that there is nothing that Obidi can do that he can’t also deliver based on the same yardstick.

The VRMG boss prior to making such a comment during an interview with on TV3 said his tweet as over their ‘Favour’ fiasco wasn’t a PR mind game…Get the full gist here..

When asked if reached out to him to render an apology or not, said the SarkCess Music boss is yet to do that however, he knows that they will eventually have that discussion when the time arises.

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further noted that Sarkodie’s failure to show up cost him a lot of cash.

Watch the video below:

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