A Nigerian lady whose identity is yet to be established has sent her display of love to another whole new level.

In a video much to the chagrin of social media users, the lady inked the name of her boyfriend on her face to prove her love to him.

The lady who reportedly did this to prove her love to her boyfriend had “Anjola my love” written on her face by the tattoo artist.

Watch the video below:

My opinion

Inking the name of your boyfriend on your beautiful face to prove your love to him? That’s nonsensical to me.

But who am I to judge anyway, we all have our choices to make as human beings. And after all, it’s her face, not mine.

But come to think of it, what if she breaks up with the boy? How will she clean the name?

Let me just assume this young lady is high on some cheap drugs and I pray she gets back into her normal senses to see the mess she has caused to her face.