QuickTime player is one of the multimedia player that most Mac users use to watch movies, edit videos and also do screen recording.

These task performed by the media player came with a bunch of shortcut keys that will help the user to perform task easily and faster.

Knowing the shortcuts in QuickTime player will help you to maximize your work flow with ease. The shortcuts will help the user to be more accurate.

Here are all the shortcuts that you need to know about QuickTime player.

  • Create a new movie recording: Option + Command + N
  • Create a new audio recording: Control + Option + Command + N
  • Create a new screen recording: Control + Command + N
  • Open a file: Command + O (capital letter ā€œOā€)
  • Open a URL: Command + L
  • Show the movie inspector: Command + I (capital letter ā€œiā€)
  • Minimize the window: Command + M
  • Close the window: Command + W
  • Enter or exit full-screen mode: Command + F
  • Show the movie in its actual size: Command + 1
  • Fit the movie to the screen: Command + 3
  • Fit the screen with the movie: Command + 4
  • Show the movie in panoramic mode: Command + 5
  • Increase the movie size: Command + Plus sign (+)
  • Decrease the movie size: Command + Hyphen (-)