The social media brawl that has ensued between Lilwin and Funny Face, two self-acclaimed Ghanaian comedians, has been sent to another level as Lilwin puts awards won on display.

It can be recalled that the supposed beef came into force after Funny Face won an award that Lilwin deems undeserving.



According to embittered Lilwin, he believes he deserves the awards. This did not go down well with Funny Face who replied in equal measure.

Funny Face and Lilwin have been throwing shots at each other with both parties been at the throat of the other to prove who is broke or irrelevant.

As beef will have it…it died a natural death. However, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin has resurrected the beef through an Instagram post to point to Funny Face that he has enough awards and even more than he (Funny Face) has.

Funny Face

The Creative Arts industry in Ghana has witnessed a lot of needless banters which never brought any good to the country. It has rather cast a slur on the good image of Ghana.

These haughty celebrities must know that after all is said and done, all these boastful allusions are simply allusions.

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