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Nelli Tembe Biography: Age, Parents, Drake pictures, Instagram, parents, family, Durban hotel, Boyfriend, net worth, real name

Nelli Tembe biography

Born in 1999, not much is known about Nelli Tembe until she started dating South African top rapper, AKA real name Kiernan Jarryd Forbes.

She’s known to be a socialite, she died on 11th April, 2021 after falling from the 10th floor of a hotel in South Africa.

Nelli Tembe’s father is a multi-millionaire businessman called Moses Tembe.

Nelli’s father is KZN-based businessman, who is the Chairman of Phumelela Gaming & Leisure Ltd.

It’s said that she has several problems with depression in time past which causes her to get suicidal.

Full Name Nelli Tembe
BoyfriendRapper AKA (Kiernan Jarryd Forbes)
Date of Birth1999 (22years old)
NationalitySouth African
Date of Death11th April, 2021
Net worthEstimated at $200,000 (2021)
Real nameAnele Tembe
Quick Facts about Nelli Tembe


Nelli Tembe was born in 1999 (she was 22 years as at 2021) — it is at this age that she died.


She’s not really a social media person. Before her death, her known Instagram handle was @nelli_thembe. The account was kept on private mode.

Perhaps, she does not want people poking their nose in her business. At the time of writing this, she was having 7,026 followers and following 527 persons who are mostly her close friends, family and acquitances.

Nelli Tembe
Nelli Tembe

Her profile shows that she’s one of those rich socialite who lives the big life.

No wonder she was able to cause AKA looking in her direction.


The fact is little is known about Nelli Tembe, so the identity of her parents is not known.

But according to News24, Nelli Tembe’s father is wealthy businessman called Moses Tembe. Nelli’s father is KZN-based businessman, Moses Tembe who is the Chairman of Phumelela Gaming & Leisure Ltd.

He is also on the board of 9 other companies with interests in tourism, retail as well as industrial operations.

Other facts also indicate he spent most of her life in New York City — where she grew.

We can also authoritatively state that she is the cousin of South African media personality Nondumiso Tembe who is an award-winning actress, singer, songwriter and dancer.

Okay another thing worth noting is that AKA was warmly accepted by the Tembe family. Just after he proposed to their daughter, he has been accepted. So much so that he spends time in the family house of Nelli Tembe.

A few days ago, AKA was captured in a work-out session with his future father in law, Moses Tembe.

AKA spent his first Easter with his in-laws. His late fiancé shared an early gym session he had with her father, who beat him in push-ups. Mr Thembe is 57 years old but managed to get the best out of the rapper, which Nelli used to mock her lover.

AKA and Moses Tembe
AKA and Moses Tembe work out session

Nelli Tembe and Drake pictures

The young beautiful lady has been in the news multiple times with her pictures with Canadian singer Drake.

After news of her dating AKA popped up, people started launching investigations into her life and it got discovered that she was close to Drake.

At the back of this were rumours that they ever dated before.

However, neither Drake nor Nelli Tembe had confirmed they date in the past, and it is hard to determine if the photo of them together is real or photoshopped.

Following this were supposed photos of her and Drake.

Nelli Tembe and Drake pictures
who is nelli tembe here is what we know about akas new girlfriend 2021 02 22 17 52 00 440798 ubetoo
Nelli Tembe and Drake
Nelli Tembe and Drake

Nelli’s favorite Drake quotes were “Angels protect you, and heaven accepts you”

This was revealed by her sister Palesa Tembe in an Instagram post.


Before her death, her boyfriend was SA rapper AKA. There’s no other history of her Exes.

Net worth

We already told you that nothing is known about her line of profession. However, she’s from a wealthy family. Her net worth before her death was estimated at $200,000.

Nelli Tembe Education

Nelli is said to have attended the Jackie Cameron School of Food and Wine where she enrolled for an 18-month-long cookery course between 2018 and 2019. During this time she was also accepted to join the school’s work placement segment at The Test Kitchen in Cape Town.

She probably had some good cooking skills.

Below is a video of Nelli and AKA trying to cook something in the kitchen:

Nelli Tembe real name

Most people know her as Nellie Tembe however her real name is Anele Tembe.

This was made known in the Tembe and Forbes families’ statement in regard to her death.

The statement reads:

Statement from the Tembe and Forbes families, in regards to the untimely passing of Anele Tembe

It is with the deepest regret that we, the Tembe and Forbes families, confirm the untimely passing of our beloved fiancé, daughter, sister and daughter-in-law, Anele Tembe (22).

Anele tragically passed on in the early hours of this morning, Sunday 11 April 2021.

We are still in shock and are dealing with our emotions, as she was an exceptional and gifted young woman, with so much life ahead of her.

She had a sweet nature about her and was always nurturing to those around her.

Her fiancé, Kiernan Forbes, is currently inconsolable and is surrounded by family and closest friends.

At this hour of our grief, we humbly request that our families be given privacy and time to heal.


Nellie Tembe Hilton hotel Durban

New details have arose concerning Tembe’s death. Apparently, she once tried to commit suicide. She has an underlying problem with depression.

She was first rescued at Hilton Hotel located in her hometown, Durban.

She stood on top of the building and attempted to jump off but was rescued by some police men at the scene. You can catch all the details here.

Nellie Teme’s last night before her death

The night before her death which was a Saturday, she’s said to be present at a concert where AKA performed.

After the show, they partied for the rest of the night.

Nelli as seen in videos that have popped up on social media was twerking and dancing her heart out as AKA also tried to show off her dancing skills.

Rumours have it that it was after this that she retired to her hotel room only for news of her death to pop up the following morning — Sunday 11th April 2021.

Watch the video below:

Nondumiso Tembe reacts to sister Nellie Tembe’s death

As stated above, actress and singer Nondumiso Tembe is the sister of Anele “Nellie” Tembe.

Well, she has finally broken silence over her passing away.

Sharing a photo of Nelli kissing her cheeks at where appears to be a kitchen, she noted that words have failed her.

She further thanked all those who are sending their love and words of condolences.

She wrote:

“My baby,

Ngiphelelwe amazwi – Words fail me right now.

We will hold you in our hearts forever.

Lala kahle, mbali yethu ?

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent kind words of comfort for our family, ngiyathokoza kakhulu.???”


Police were on Sunday morning investigating the death of 22-year-old Nelli Tembe, the fiancée of well-known musician AKA, at the five-star Pepperclub Hotel in central Cape Town.

AKA’s publicist, Phumza Nohashe, said the Forbes and Tembe families would release a statement soon.

Witnesses at the scene described hearing shouting and a “loud doof” sound, and said they had heard a man calling security and crying.

A source close to AKA said he was “inconsolable”.

“Paramedics on scene have said a female had allegedly jumped from the 10th floor of that building. When paramedics arrived on scene, she had sustained polytraumatic injuries,” Netcare 911 spokesperson Shawn Herbst said.

“She was in a critical condition and they started a full life-support resuscitation. Unfortunately her injuries were too severe and she was declared deceased,” he added.

Pepperclub Hotel general manager Efi Ella also confirmed that a young woman had fallen from one of the upper floors of the hotel at 7.30am on Sunday.

Western Cape SA Police Service media liaison Capt FC van Wyk said crime-scene experts were looking for clues at the hotel.

“Cape Town Central police are investigating an inquest case after an incident at a hotel this morning at about 7.45am on the corners of Loop and Bloem streets, Cape Town CBD, where the body of a 22-year-old woman was found deceased,” the police said in a statement.

Police blocked off the road outside the hotel.


Nelli Tembe funeral

Her funeral was held at the Durban International Conference Centre on Friday April 16th 2021.

You can check out all the details and funeral pictures here.

Her body arrived in Durban on Wednesday.

Due to Covid-19 regulations, only 100 people are allowed at the funeral.

The funeral was live-streamed on Youtube and Zoom for fans and well-wishers to also join and pay their last respect.

May her soul rest in peace!!!


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