medikal and okese1

For the past few days, we witnessed a back and forth jab between AMG Business musicians, and .

Okese1 in a series of tweets and videos called Medikal an ungrateful person. Whiles MDK on the other hand also said Okese1 is a clout chaser who has thrown away years of friendship just for a 24-hour hype.

As it stands, many do not know the real cause of their beef but we have chanced on something that seems to be the genesis of their feud.

Medikal was recently featured on a song titled ‘Sika’ by Ghanaian dancer Dancegod Llyod.

In the song, MDK used a certain line where he said : “Frank Afrane, yes sir! Are you my level? No sir…”

Now the question is who is ‘Frank Afrane‘? Read on, you’ll get to know.

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From our findings, Frank Afrane is the real name of Okese1.

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So we’ve come to understand that Okese1 got angry over how Medikal tried to imply in the song that he’s his small boy and that he’s not on his level.

Listen to MDK below;

No wonder the Amotia Gang CEO came out to clear the air that he’s his own chairman and nobody’s small boy.

Below is a video of from US Prison trying to explain what happened:

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