dzifa gunu and john mahama

The National Democratic Congress'(NDC’s) activist Dzifa Gunu has called on the party’s flag bearer to withdraw his election petition case from the Supreme Court.

According to him, he believes Mahama will not be given the justice that he deserves.

He urged Mahama that the worst they can do to punish him is to fine him and they (the NDC supporters) will contribute money to pay the fine for him.

“Dear H.E. John Dramani Mahama, They will not give you justice, please withdraw the case, the worst they will do is fine you and we will contribute and pay”, he wrote on Facebook.

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After the 2020 elections, Mahama has come out with proofs that there were some irregularities in the polls that went in favor of the NPP party

Hence, he’s seeking a redress for all those wrongs to be made right.

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