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Emile Gilot: Who Was Françoise Gilot’s Father?


French painter Françoise Gaime Gilot lived from 26 November 1921 to 6 June 2023. At the British Institute in Paris (now the University of London Institute in Paris), where she also attended Cambridge University, she studied English literature. Gilot was renowned for skipping her morning law classes while pursuing her main interest, which was fine art.

Françoise Gilot had already established herself as a talented artist when she first met Pablo Picasso, especially in ceramics and watercolors.

Despite achieving professional success, Francoise Gilot’s artistic journey was marred by the overshadowing effect of her social celebrity. Following her breakup with Picasso, he actively discouraged galleries from acquiring her artwork. Additionally, Picasso made unsuccessful attempts to prevent the publication of her memoir, “Life with Picasso,” which was released in 1964.

Emile Gilot: Who Was Françoise Gilot’s Father?

Francoise Gilot was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, to Madeleine (nee Renoult) and Emile Gilot. Her father, a stern and highly educated businessman and agronomist, played a significant role in her upbringing.


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