African celebrated soccer legend from Togo but based in Ghana has ordered to go back to his house and take any car of his choice after he flaunted the cars in his Trasacco Mansion.

hours ago stormed Adebayor’s mansion during his absence to flaunt some cars in the house.

Porsche Panorama, a Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes Benz van and many more were the cars in his mansion.


shared the video on his Instagram handle with the caption;

“Is abt time 😍🙏.. @e_adebayor make I use ur cars flex small 😀.. when u come back to Ghana .. I will give u .. LAN T soya Milk , DUO DUO peanuts , ICE 🧊 JOY and special NIVEA in a bag .. u’ve supported my brand for over 9 years now .. is abt time I return da favour .. which Private Plane is da Plane of ur dreams ? So I buy for u !! ❤️🙏😀 u have only 15 minutes to answer .. and I know uve gone for training by dis time .. 😀👍 so u can’t come and answer on time ❤️💪🏽🤪 so meet me in my dreams and take it 💴🙏😀 .. on da real .. GOD bless u bro .. tanx for ur motivation and encouragement bro @e_adebayor .. Keep shinning bro 🙏. KASOA VANDAMME “ ei go over you “ my #ELLAandBELLA👯‍♀️ the #CHILDRENPRESIDENT.”

Watch Video Below:

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Hours after sharing the video, commented that he has made his day.

According to him, he just returned from training and was met by that big surprise. Adebayor told to go back to his house and pick any car of his choice.

“I actually just got back from training.. you made my day man, go to the house take any car you want man……,” – He wrote.

immediately replied saying he is going back to Adebayor’s house like a cyborg.

“@e_adebayor ❤️😀🙏 Saaaaaaawwwwwww is abt to go down ! “ ei go over you “ 😀 KASOA VANDAMME going to ADEBAYOR’s house like CYBORG!,” – He wrote.

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On record, Adebayor once gifted a Range Rover

See Screenshots Below:


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