Is Regina Daniels on drugs?
Is Regina Daniels on drugs?

A lot of people are asking that ‘Is on drugs? Well, in this article, we’ll provide you with the right answers.

First and foremost, Regina Daniels is a Nigerian actress — one of the most loved screen icons.

She started acting at a very tender age and that’s why she has amassed a huge following over these past decades.


In recent times, she has become more popular because of her marriage to Nigerian Billionaire, .

Their union has and is still making headline owing to the fact that the couple have a vast age gap between them.

Well, now talking about Regina Daniels reports of abusing drugs. These reports started in December 2020.

Now this is how it all happened, one night Regina Daniels went to the club.

You all know what happens when we go to the club right? We tend to take alcohol and a whole lot of mixtures that can make us high.

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It was obvious that, that very night, the mother of Munir Neji Ned Nwoko took too much of alcohol.

Hence, while returning home, she was driving carelessly.

From a video that surfaced on social media, she was squeezing her eyes in other to watch the road clearly.

Watch the video below:

After the video surfaced on social media, a lot of fans expressed their worries. Some said she was high on cocaine or some kind of crack.

This was when people started speculating that Regina Daniels was on drugs.

So you see? We can’t all conclude to say she was truly on drugs. Truth be told, we almost all of us might one time get drunk on alcohol and would do some weird stuffs.

But that doesn’t mean, we are on drugs.

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