Social media influencer, Kush Taylor, has a word of advise for those who cannot be happy for young men who are doing well in life.

Usually, when a young man is doing well, a lot of people attribute their wealth to ‘dirty money’ acquired through dubious means.

Well, Taylor is saying it’s better you that is fond of pointing fingers at these wealthy guys started thinking smart because if you think they’ll die in the next 5-10 years, then you’re greatly mistaken.

Taylor gave an example that our fathers said the same thing in the days of Kwame Osei Despite. Yet, they’re still poor and Despite is now a multi-millionaire.

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He wrote: “You See Those Guys Making Big Money Driving Expensive Cars With Huge Mansions: If You Think Say They Will Die In The Next 5 To 10 Years Because You Assum It’s Dirty Money. Stop Dreaming. DESPITE Themma Time So Noor Your Father Did Wey Poverty Kill Am 🎭🧨”

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