Use your executive instrument to free Akuapem Poloo – DKB tells Prez. Akufo-Addo

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Judgement has already been pronounced, Akuapem has been jailed for 3 months but that is just not going to stop some concerned people to continue the plea for her freedom. After all the social media campaigns targeted at rescuing Poloo from a jail term failed, Comedian DKB now thinks the only person that can help … Read more

Akuapem Poloo in trouble as DKB heads to CID headquarters to file for Defamation against her

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The beef between Two Controversial Ghanaian Media Personalities, Akuapem Poloo and DKB is gradually hitting up as expected. After DKB call out the actress for allegedly going around gossiping about him, she fired back threatening to Open some hidden dirty keys about him. But that’s not enough reason to stop the Male Comedian from branding … Read more

Akuapem Poloo angrily fires back DKB as she threatened to reveal secrets.

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Angry Akuapem Poloo demands an apology from DKB else she will expose him and reveal deep secrets about the Comedian. Ghanaian Comedian DKB, lately on Thursday 31st March 2021 shared a video on his social media pages warning a Ghanaian socialite Rosemond Brown, popularly known as Akuapem Poloo, to stay out of his matters and … Read more

Kwadwo Sheldon calls for beef with DKB after he claimed Gyakie has been ignoring him.

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Kwadwo Sheldon calls DKB an idiot without sense for claiming Gyakie has been ignoring his tweets. The Ghanaian comedian Derrick Kobbina Bonnie, popular known as DKB took to social media to lament about how the new sensational singer Gyakie, has been ignoring his tweets even though his intention was to promote her and not any … Read more

You can’t support a celebrity openly and ask another for financial help – DKB tells a Sarkodie fan

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DKB rejects a Twitter followers plea for support because his profile shows he is a Sarkodie fan. The Comedian released a conversation between one of his follower who is broke in serious need of financial support. Sarkodie Fan – Boss please am ur biggest fun am totally broke today please help me with something small. … Read more

Edem’s Odee is the best Hiphop song over the last 10 years – DKB boldly claim

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Ghanaian Comedian DKB has made a bold claim that that the hottest Hiphop song to hit the Ghanaian Music industry over a decade now is Odee by Edem. The track, originally titled ‘Oleey’ was released by the Gbevu Nation Boss featuring the then two Tongue Twisters, Sarkodie and Gemini back in November 2014. The song … Read more