The world has changed from old ways and now life is totally dependent on technology. Technology has made a remarkable impact in the world ever since the period of industrialization.

Many of our daily activities can not go without Technology. Technology makes it possible for us to do things easily and faster.

Technology news helps us to be more updated on the new technology being invented day by day. The news about technology also helps us to learn.

Here are 5 best tech blogs in Ghana. These blogs are very consistent in updating us with news concerning technology. They also teaches us how to do simple things related to technology.

JBKLUTSE.COM is a Tech and Lifestyle website dedicated to curating awesome everyday stories that matter to you. They provide the best technology news, reviews and also they prepare special tutorials for their subscribers. You can visit them at


Mfidie is Ghana’s biggest tech news websites run by a team of tech and non-tech individuals who have come together to ensure a budding online space for Tech Enthusiasts and to raise the level of Tech awareness in Ghana by publishing verified tech news.  Visit them at

Tech Nova GH is a digital platform that covers the Ghanaian technology ecosystem. From entrepreneurship, startups, data, funding, policy and future tech. Tech Nova is your source of everything you need to know in the Ghanaian tech ecosystem. They produce original content which aims to inform the general public and tech enthusiasts about the technology space and tech ecosystem in Ghana. Visit them on


GustavTK is a tech blog aim to provide tech tip, blogging tip, life-hack tips for today’s social media savvy generation. They do not cover all tips, but instead focus on covering the tips you want to read. Visit them on

GHARAGE.COM is one of the best website to find tech related articles. They are always on time when it comes to updating their blog with current news concerning technology. They have simplified everything for everybody to read and understand. Their website is one of the fastest tech blogs coming up. Visit them on