South African rapper AKA is very controversial. His opinion on things seems not to always follow the norm.

He has come under attack over a recent tweet.

In the tweet, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes as he’s known in real life has said that he doesn’t take advice from low-class people.

Below were his words:

“If someone tries to give you advice, ask yourself … does this person live in the house I want, drive the car I want, or generally live the life I want … if the answer is no, then ask yourself what qualifies this person to dispense ANY sort of advice to you in the first place.”

aka twitter

His followers do not agree with him anyway. Some chided him that wisdom isn’t determined by money, power or class. So, someone, you may consider low-class/poor can give you useful advice.

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One fan wrote:

“This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read….so the rich are only meant to give you advice…. sometimes you need advice from different walks of life to get perspective not everything is about wealth”

Another fan added:

“My grandmother does not have any car money or live the kind of life i wanted to live… but her advise, wisdom and soaking up her life long lessons are the reason I overcame all odds to become a person who she herself never dreamt i could ever become.”