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Accept who you are because I nearly died trying to take pills to slimmer down to please people – Di Asa’s PM


Precious Mensah who is affectionately called PM and the current winner of the reality show Di Asa has said she nearly passed away when she was relying on pills to slim down.

The plus-sized woman in an interview with Ghanaweb disclosed that her decision to take these pills saw her have some complications in a heart and other critical parts of her body.


PM added that society gave her a lot of pressure and made her feel inferior which necessitated her decision to look good and to please her accusers.

She added that after a few dosages of these drugs, she began to feel that they were not performing the right functions on her. The side effects of these drugs on her made her feel that she may be digging her grave in a bid to look ‘good.’

According to PM, she had learned her lesson never to please people and to be content with how God has created her. According to her, she discovered that being plus-sized was genetic which could not be changed with pills.

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She added that she feels more confident now than ever. PM advised all plus-sized women never to feel less of a human.

Excerpt of her conversation below:

“Unfortunately, anytime I take this drug, I feel pains in my heart. If I take it, I don’t feel okay but if I don’t take it, I feel okay… I took the drug and threw it into the bin,” she said

“I accepted (drug) because my friends always left me behind when going to ‘chill’, at that time I was so eager to lose weight so when he brought up the opinion I said yes,” PM revealed in the interview.

“They’ve got to know that it’s from their side, it’s part of them and it’s in their blood … so they have to embrace nature,” she said.




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