Becca’s husband, Tobi carries her above sky level as they chop love together


Becca’s husband, Tobi carried the love of his life above sky level as they chopped love together.

A video fast trending online has the two lovers smiling so cute.

It seems Tobi wants to showcase his strength in terms of weight lifting.

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Becca and Tobi Sanni were in the news some few days ago over some family issues alleged by the former’s mother.

Despite being bashed on and off social media, the two have managed to put their feelings still together.

Their viral love up video could become the new social media challenge for married couples.

Watch Video Below:

“Forever can’t be enough with you” – Tobi Sanni gushes over Becca in new post;

Tobi took to his Instagram page revealing that forever can never ever be enough without Becca in it.

Wow what a sweet romantic line. Just wondering the sweeter lines Becca has been enjoying in her ear.

Ever since Becca and Tobi were knotted as husband and wife, a lot of controversies have arose.

The most crucial one was comments made by 2 people who claim they know Tobi in Nigeria and that he has 2 kids with another woman.

Amidst all these, we believe Becca and Tobi are meant for one another and they’ll surely stand the test of time. We just pray for Grace for them.

So as I was saying, Tobi says “Forever can’t be enough with Becca.”


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