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Black Stars players had sex with girls flown from Dubai before matches – Journalist

michael tuffour

A Sports Journalist is alleging that Ghana Blackstars players were chopping girls flown from Dubai before matches and that some even had their girlfriends lodging in the same hotel as them.

So during the night, they sneak out to chop them and according to the Journalist, this could be the reason for the poor performance of the players at the AFCON competition.

Kasapa FM’s Sports Journalist Michael Tuffour aka Ariel Otega who’s covering the tournament in Egypt reported that indiscipline on the part of the players contributed to the team’s abysmal performance.

Ariel Otega

He wondered why some of these players could not control their sexual urge for just this brief period the tournament was underway.

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“Some of us came to work in Egypt and didn’t sleep on the job, we have all the exclusives about Black Stars players. Some of these players whom the state spent huge monies on, after being camped on the third floor of the hotel they resided in, brought their girlfriends in and lodged them on the fourth floor in the same hotel.

They go up to the fourth floor and engage in bouts of sex before every match. Some of these girls came from Dubai.

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Just two months these players who had been given $36,000 as qualfication bonus each were so money conscious and couldn’t control their libidos and had so much sex affecting their performance in the process.

Some of us journalists were not comfortable with what was happening but decided to keep our mouths shut until the end of the match.

“In the AFCON 2013, the same thing happened when some Black Stars players brought their girlfriends to camp and it was resolved that, that will not happen again, but here we are with that same behaviour being repeated in Egypt.”

“We have a lot to say when we return to Ghana, we’ve told the players that they’ve hugely disappointed Ghanaians because a lot of money was invested in them,” He added.

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