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Brian Amoateng has done a lot of good for Ghana, let’s forgive him – Sonnie Badu

brian amoateng and sonnie badu

Pastor Brian Amoateng has goofed big time with his comments on Coronavirus in Ghana.

According to him in a live video on Facebook, the church is not under any compulsion to supply hand sanitizers to members during these times.

He remarked that all tithes and offerings given by church members are for God so congregants shouldn’t think that because they pay their offerings, they’ll also get help back in return.

Pastor Amoateng said in the Facebook live video;

“If we don’t have money to pay rents, where are we going to get money to buy hand sanitizers?

“And let me tell you, it’s not the responsibility of the church to but hand sanitizers for you because you give offering. It is not. You give offering to God to receive a blessing. It’s not compulsory that the church has to bring you hand sanitizers.

“The bible says that God loves a cheerful giver. It should be out of a cheerful heart. You shouldn’t give to the church and expect favour in return.

“You give to God — not your pastor. You give to God to receive a blessing. And a blessing is something that you don’t see. It’s not physical — it’s an invisible force that’s comes upon your life to prosper…so stop thinking that the church has to bring you hand sanitizers.”

Ghanaians were so hurt by these comments and as expected, they lambasted Pastor Brian Amoateng in a way he’ll never forget.

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Well, the clergyman has come out to apologize but Ghanaians wouldn’t budge to accept his apology.

As it stands, decorated Gospel musician and Pastor, Dr. Sonnie Badu has come out to speak on the behalf of Pastor Brian Amoateng.

According to him via IG, he said Pastor Brian has done a lot of good over the years to empower the Ghanaian youth.

He also added that he has done a lot of charitable works behind closed doors.

So we should all know ‘to err is human, to forgive is divine’. So we should forgive our dear brother for his wrongs as he’s also human and can do mistakes.

Read his full post below:

His statement came out insensitive however, he saw his error and apologized severally.

Ghana, let us not forget that for 5 years he has empowered the youth out of his own pocket I repeat out of his own pocket and I am a withness to this (we are talking thousands of dollars) .Iyes was birthed many potentials and given hope to the youth and I have seen the tears behind the scene on several occasions.

For 5 years he has been bringing preachers, educators and fathers to empower The youth.

That to me has been an amazing investment.. Pastor Brian has won several charitable awards, made uncountable donations behind closed doors.

Please, please and please again let us seize fire, move on and not forget what he has done and is doing for the youth of Ghana. He is deeply sorry and we must let go .Iyes by Gods Grace is going to be amazing this year … love you yaw .. it’s part of being at the front line .. welcome to my world .. be tough 😎 @brianamoateng”


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