Broke man cries out after his girlfriend went back to her Ex because of money.

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broke lachi

One broke Nigerian man called ‘Lachi’ has taken to social media to cry over how his girlfriend left him for her ex because of money.

Apparently, Sandra as the lady is called used to date one married rich man called Toheeb.

Lachi did all he could to keep Sandra but because of his poverty, Sandra had no choice than to go back to Toheeb.

Read his full message below:

“My name is Lachi and it has been really hard for me on this love lane. I met this girl, Sandra, a certain time in 2009 where we were all caught up in love and all, one thing led to the other and we parted ways. Fast Forward to Oct 2019 when we met again and decided to try having her back.

We talked about our past and experiences, she has really gone down some pretty bad route, having done some unspeakable things. I decided I was going to ignore all those as that’s her past and I shouldn’t judge her by that.

I decided to try and change her totally from her previous ways provided she doesn’t in any way go back into it as that would break my trust for her.

I was determined to make sure she overcame a certain Toheeb who happens to be a married man, she said he had paid her bills all through university and was still on her neck, she feels indebted to him. This made me extra cautious and I was with her everywhere she was, moved with her, talked to her most times and even began getting addicted to her.

I was totally in love with her and even started to keep late nights which my mum frowned at. My family had never been in support of our relationship but regardless, I continued cos I was determined she was going to be a better person. This brought some rifts between myself and family but I cared less. I had great time with Sandra and it all looked like a match made in heaven.

Though i don’t have a well paying job at the moment but i’ve got big dreams and aspiration.

My finance was low but I always tried letting her understand that I’m working really hard to make things better. Quite recently I started seeing some funny credit alerts on her phone and very well noticed her new phone which looked expensive, I asked but she always told me to relax and not worry. I didn’t bother much because she told me Toheed was history and I’m all that she wanted.

I trusted her and was very happy. Friday last week she left my place and said she wanted to go spend sometime with her family, I thought it was a nice idea but deep down I wasn’t happy with it.1 hour later I called to check up on her but her both lines were switched off. I was worried and confused as that has never happened. I called her sis to ask of her whereabout and she said she wasn’t home.

I tried reaching her all weekend but her phones were never reachable, I tried calling the sis and her phone was also switched off. This was tough but I managed to survive the weekend until she returned in the early hours of Monday. She came in and said she had something to tell me, pleading that I don’t get mad at her. I told her to go ahead.

She opened up that she was with Toheeb all weekend saying she found it difficult to resist him because he’s been the one sending her money for upkeep, her mom’s medicals and also the new phone. I was shocked and have not been able to respond to all of these revelations.

This is my story. I’m confused as I’m madly in love with her. I don’t know what to do!!! I really need your advice.

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