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Car tyre used to cover ‘big gutter’ in the middle of the road at Accra Tudu

gutter cover

As you all know, there’s this metal used to cover drainage holes or gutters in big cities.

This is to cover the holes in other to prevent accidents which can happen as a result of people mistakenly falling therein into these big trenches.

gutter cover

Well, one of these gutter covers happens to have fallen off in the middle of the road at a very busy place in Accra called Tudu.

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Instead of quickly fixing the problem, a car tyre was used to cover the deep hole, thus, posing as a great danger.

A concerned Ghanain after seeing the dangerous situation has sent a photo of it to Celebrities Buzz.

The authorities responsible for this must act fast to fix this than rather wait for something unfortunate to happen before they start faking crocodile tears.

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See photo below:



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