Mama Gee, the lady who was arrested for selling sex enhancement and ‘juju’ to make men ‘mumu’ medicines was in serious business before her arrest.

Her price list and variety of products indicate that the products are very cheap and each one of them have the function they perform.

Photo of her price-lists have made it unto social media and Celebrities Buzz has decided to share with you.

mama gee arrested
Mama Gee

Herbal Mixture and Herbal wash comes at GHC100 and GHC50 respectively and this one is used to spice up the va’gina. This is said to make the va’gina very sweet that when a man chops it, he can never ever get over it or think of any other woman again.

There’s another on called Attraction perfume and Attraction soap which comes at GHC160 each. This one also makes men to be stupidly attracted to a lady. They can’t just get over her.

Mama Gee products
Mama Gee products

Mama Gee also has Favour Oil and Favour Soap which also comes at GHc160 each. When you use these ones, you can ask anything from a man and he’ll favour you.

Prices of another products called Sweetener and Tightener makes the va’gina sweet and tight and makes it an enjoyable place for the man. This is what they use to snatch people’s husband.

We have “Oga Lie Low” and with this one, the man becomes proper mumu, every wish of the lady who uses it becomes his command.

Another vital product called “Cash Out” can be used to make a man give out any amount of money at all without complaining.

Take a look at all the products and their corresponding prices below:

mama gee testimony
mama gee product list

Here are some testimonies from ladies here. Well the good news is, Mama Gee was arrested.

You can watch the video where a lot of ladies were seen in her shop buying the medicine. This was what caused the authorities to take action.