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‘Don’t kill mosquitoes, they need blood to feed their kids’ – Animal-rights activist


A French animal-rights activist is asking people to stop killing mosquitoes. According to him, mosquitoes need the blood they suck to feed their kids. So people should take it like their donating their blood to the mosquitoes anytime they are bitten.

According to Independent.co.uk, Aymeric Caron, a television presenter, said the insects sucked human blood to obtain protein for their eggs, which was “embarrassing for anti-specists who realise they are being attacked by a mother trying to nourish her future children”.

Aymeric Caron

Anti-specists are those who oppose discrimination against any species, usually animals.

But British animal-protection workers said his comments were “a step too far” and were “an unhelpful distraction”.

Mr Caron, who counts himself as an “anti-specist”, said animal lovers should allow the insects to bite, except in Africa, where they would risk catching malaria.

He said letting mosquitoes bite should be considered a “blood donation”, and although the ideal is to avoid killing them, they could be killed where necessary.

“One can consider that a blood donation from time to time to an insect who is only trying to nourish her children is not a drama,” Mr Caron said in a video.

A female mosquito really has no choice but to risk her life for her babies, he said.

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Mr Caron said to avoid being bitten, it was best to use natural mosquito repellents such as citronella, lavender oil or garlic, and to wash regularly and to avoid using perfumes.

Failing that, he urged people do follow the example of Albert Schweitzer, the philosopher and animal-protection pioneer. “In Africa, where there is malaria, he allowed himself to kill mosquitoes. In France, where they are inoffensive, he allowed himself to be bitten,” Mr Caron said.

Toni Vernelli, the UK head of animal-welfare group Animal Equality, said she would draw the line at “parasites that carry malaria and kill millions of people a year”.

“For most people, this is a step too far and a distraction. It’s unhelpful in trying to educate people about the suffering of animals in factory farms, and is unrelated to animal welfare campaigns,” she said.

“We’re much better off focusing on the tangible things people can do to reduce suffering, such as not eating meat, using animal products and wearing fur,” she said.

According to the World Health Organisation’s latest malaria report, released last year, there were 219 million cases of the disease in 2017, with nearly half a million deaths.


  1. this is the most uneducated and naive article i have ever read first off you are a Nazi if you think people are going to allow those vampires suck our blood and give us diseases and viruses that could be adverted by simply eradicating them they give no nourishment to any ego system and should be removed from this good earth for obvious reasons human rights over animal rights on this one

  2. and to be honest i have funded the research in to sterilization of the population by releasing genetically modified mosquito in to the population forcing them to not have future offspring and eventually die out

  3. From a scientific point of view, mosquitoes can be used in biological therapy as in immunity propagation. Environmentally it sucks not only human but many mammals blood, so it can dwell on other mammals blood rather than ours because of its malaria transfer capability

  4. Fine fine the blood sucking isn’t a problem because as humans we feed on animal food etc… But my plight is why do the infest us with their parasite?
    Just can’t think far!

  5. I worked in malaria field I saw people died because of mosquitoes poison Why don’t you go donate yourself instead at Thai and Burma border mosquitoes there really starve and see how you will end up you fuking dumbass

  6. What an idiot. So he wants people to feed ticks and leeches too? Bed bugs? Head lice? Crabs? Bet he’s never had any insect born disease in his life. What a complete twat!!


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