Funny Face

Funny Face has replied to his father-in-law after the latter threatened him with a lawsuit.

According to Funny Face, his father-in-law is a joke. He said the Rastaman has no right to threaten him with a lawsuit or anything similar because he knows the behaviour of his daughter very well.

Funny Face’s father-in-law recognized as Jah Wizdom in his recent interview said he is preparing a lawsuit against the comedian because he is abusing his daughter.

Jah Wizdom said:

“I don’t know him [Funny Face] I haven’t met him before. He has been physically abusing my daughter and I won’t allow him to hurt her anymore”.

“As a father, I will sue him in the Chief’s Palace for the stupid things he has done to my daughter. I won’t sue him at the law court for any delay, I will sue him in the Chief’s Palace to be called in front of the elders to answer questions.

“She is even pregnant for him again and yet he comes on social media to disgrace her. She can give birth any moment from now. As a family, we need to teach him a lesson that my daughter is from a family and if he knows what is coming his way, he won’t be misbehaving,” he added.

Responding to his claim, Funny noted that Jah Wizdom is a wee smoker who even owns a wee farm.

He explained that his father-in-law is not at peace with his own daughter Vanessa so, he should stop pretending on social media.

Watch the video below:


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