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The curtains of 2020 would soon be drawn for us to say hello to 2021. And as a matter of norm, it’s at the end of the year that we all take our time to reflect on our gains, mistakes and see which areas we can improve upon.

Musicians for instance look at their music streams and related stats to see if they performed well or not.

One of the things used to judge the success of most musicians under the year of review is the amount of ‘hit songs’ they are able to churn out to the masses.

For the past 5 years when Bandana reincarnated into Shatta Wale after his musical hiatus, he has blessed us with hit songs back to back.

However, there are conversations on social media pointing to the fact that this year hasn’t been good for him because none of his songs even though popular can be described as reaching the level of being called a ‘hit song’.

Well, Celebrities Buzz has relooked at the song catalogue of the dancehall musician in 2020 so far and below are the 7 songs that we think are hit songs from him.

The list below is not in any order:

1. Shatta Wale – Miss Money featuring Medikal

Miss Money is for the rich ladies out there. It describes the beauty of a Slay Queen who’s loaded with cash.

2. Shatta Wale – Sleepless Night

If there’s anything that Shatta Wale is good at, then, it’s his creativity and his versatility.

The SM president decided to give us a Raggae tune titled Sleepless Night. The song received a lot of positive reviews from music lovers.

3. Shatta Wale – Akweley Take

Charless Nii Armah Mensah as he’s known in real life served us with an Afrobeats jam dubbed Akweley Take.

It trended for a while but poor promotion made it to get buried. It didn’t really travel far as it should.

4. Shatta Wale – Shuru

Shuru from Shatta was also a good street anthem. Poor promotion as usual didn’t make people hear more of it.

5. Shatta Wale – Chacha featuring Militants.

Chacha is also another jam from Shatta Wale which features his Militants — Addi Self, Joint 77, Captan and Natty Lee.

This was recorded before he sacked 3 of the Militants except Captan from his camp.

6. Shatta Wale – Fapimso

Fapimson was also a catchy jam.

7. Shatta Wale – Save Her Heart

Bra Nii turned into a lover boy on this jam to save the heart of ladies who got their hearts broken up.

My Opinion on Shatta Wale’s performance so far this year

Shatta has been doing well and as one of his fans, I must applaud him for doing all he can to stay relevant.

His recent ‘Kumasi Invasion Project’ where he went to stay in Ashanti Regional capital and worked with upcoming musicians there is plausible.

More so, I feel there’s more for him to do in terms of collaborations. As a fan, I must say I am tired of hearing Shatta Wale alone on his songs.

I am also tired of the Ghanaian musicians he collaborates with because I’ve heard severals of his songs with those artistes.

I personally want to hear new people blending with the African Dancehall King. He needs to expand his circles and collaborate more with musicians outside Ghana.

What most people complain about Shatta Wale’s songs is the quality of his beats. We hail him for being the producer of most of his songs, that’s plausible but we want him to work with more producers who can give him varieties of sounds so that we can enjoy a ‘balanced diet’ of his tunes.


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