Funny Face blasts Abena Moet & Ola Michael

Funny Face has blasted Abena Moet and Ola Michael for talking about his marital status.

Abena Moet and Ola Michael have found themselves on the wrong side of Funny Face as he has blasted them beyond control.

Funny shared a video of Abena and Ola discussing how his two marriages have collapsed and the third one is also on the verge of collapsing.

They claimed Funny Face has been blaming his wives whenever his marriage is about to collapse due to his own doing.

Speaking on it, the Ghanaian comedian said Abena Moet is an “Olosho” and that he is used by men like tissue paper before she eats.

He alleged that Abena even kisses the “An#s” of married men just to survive.

For Ola Michael, Funny Face said he will deal with him definitely. He threatened that his lawyers will take them on.

He wrote:

“GYE NYAME “ ✊🔥 Abena Moët look at urself .. sharp people looking at u .. will know u smell from ur head to ur toe .. and such a foolish dirty low life sh****sheee like u sit on radio and destroy me .. u dat lick 👅 peoples husband anus before u can eat .. u dat boys fuck you gala kwasiaaaa sits on ready to tarnish my image .. aboaaaa da girl u defending my ex wife lizzy .. recently I have fucked her .. dat should tell u who she is .. now coming on Vanessa .. let her come out and lie again abt dat fact dat .. her family is a WEED tree 🌲 🤣 …. and as for Ola micheals .. u never know me before .. uve only interviewed me once .. but see how u talking abt me like U know me .. kwasiaaa b33rrrmw 2 2 niii tis3 wo .. You will hear from my lawyers soon .. after dat I will beat u forken and put da blame on depression .. abena Moët .. Ola Williams Ghana is abt to be hot for da 3 of us .. nobody will hear abt da elections .. cos it’s going to be pictures of ur damaged faces all over da internet.. and guess what .. I will record it live .. and post it on social media .. odwan .. kwasiaaa kwa .. way3 S3 paragraph siaaaa maen .. wob3 to Kpa ! 🤣 … stilllllll KASOA VANDAMME “ EI GO OVER YOU “ stillllllllll “ ONE MAN THOUSAND “ 🔥🔥🔥⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️ ad oh .. am abt to mention all da celebrities u talking abt here .. if I mention their name .. let dem come fool .. I will come hard at dem and their families .. my eyes red ruff … so any celebrity u know u chop VANNESSA before .. start packing ur tools and getting ur defense.. is abt to get uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy🤣.”

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