yul edochie deep voice
Photo - Nollywood actor Yul Edochie who's well known for his smooth deep voice

Deep voices are most considered attractive and ‘s3xy’ by many but a new research is pointing to the fact that men with this type of voice are more likely to cheat in a relationship.

Researchers at Southwest University in Chongqing, China, have reported that the pitch of a male voice may be used to predict “infidelity intention”.

The study saw 261 male and female participants, with an average age of around 20, record their voices and report on how they felt about fidelity, and commitment.

The report, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, divided men up according to their so-called “masculine” or “feminine” qualities.

It read: “Our findings demonstrated that masculine men are more likely to engage in infidelity and commit less to their romantic relationships compared with feminine men.”

Researchers wrote that it was not possible to definitively state a reason for the disparity, but suggested testosterone could be a key factor.

“This result might suggest that masculine voices and infidelity development in men have the same biological basis, that is, they are influenced by testosterone levels,” they wrote. “Testosterone and the characteristics dependent on testosterone can be reliable indicators of quality-dependent conditions or behaviours; therefore, men with higher testosterone levels, and hence lower voices, may have more infidelity behaviours or less commitment to their romantic relationship.”

Researchers said the study also backed up traditional stereotypes, in finding deep-voiced men were more attractive to women involved in the study.

The report read: “Furthermore, from the point of view of evolutionary psychology, men with masculine voices may enhance their status among other men or their attractiveness to women, thereby increasing their chances of obtaining more or higher-quality partners.

“Masculine voices among males are significantly associated with long-term health and social dominance, and are more likely to be perceived as attaining higher social positions, all of which were valuable for women during evolutionary history.”

It concluded that further study into the topic was necessary.

The report read: “Given that, the relationship between men’s vocal characteristics and infidelity intentions is more likely to be mediated by increased access to women. It is necessary for future studies to explore this relationship.”

However, the study found no link between the pitch of women’s voices and their propensity to infidelity.

Source: thestandard.co.uk


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