#BlackLivesMatter has been trending across social media platforms yesterday. The hashtag is meant to speak against racism which is on the increase every single day in the United States.

The last straw to break the camel’s back was how Blackman George Floyd was murdered in cold blood by a White police officer, Derek Chauvin.

As part of the #BlackLivesMatter initiative, celebrities from all walks of life who are concerned are posting photos, written words and videos with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

Well, Ghanaian rapper, Manifest also saw the need to add his voice to the #BlackLivesMatter initiative so he decided to make a post on Facebook.

“It’s never an oppression olympics. Acknowledging and supporting our current collective concern doesn’t diminish pain and injustice wherever you are. #blacklivesmatter”, he posted.


But his posts on social media about the afore-mentioned hashtag has made a lot of social media users angry at him.

Some comments sighted by Celebrities Buzz sees people saying that Manifest could simply communicate to his fans in simple words but instead, he chose to write his ‘big grammar’ again.

“Don’t be so concern about your grammar. Communication is when your message is heard. You rather confuse people and that doesn’t make you clever. Be simple.. #BornBlack”, one Facebook user John Evans Atta Mills wrote.

A lot of comments pointed out the fact that Manifest is becoming too concerned about using big grammar all the time, perhaps, to please people who keep on praising him that he has control over the language.

A fan also pointed out that sometimes, the use of those big words make them (fans) not to understand the message is trying to put across. So it’ll be better he tone down on that because it’s just becoming too much.

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