A lady is in pain after her boyfriend voiced his type of punishment to her for cheating on him.

The unknown lady in the complaint sent to Nigerian relationship expert – Joro Olumofin said her boyfriend wants to have sex with her friend before he forgives her.

The lady explained that she loves her boyfriend, but she made a great mistake by spending the lockdown with a different guy who definitely slept with her.

After apologizing to her man, he still insisted on paying her back in double folds.

She sought the advice of socialites and a few gave her a piece as captured beneath:

“How do you love someone and cheat on that person?. You people should explain to me because that thing is not sitting well with me 🥺”

“So you want to set up friends in just to save a so-called Boyfriend??? Not even husband?? Both of you need cane”

“What you did was wrong. However, he is a revengeful person. Its better you end it as that relationship will lead no where. Its either he leaves or he forgives.”

“What is good is good for the gander😂He’ ll sleep with your friend and still leave you!🚶‍♀️”

“He has been Crushing on ur friends but this is an opportunity..🙌🏻”

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See The Screenshot Below:

'I cheated on my boyfriend & he wants to 'Chop' my friend before he forgives me' - Lady cries

Source: Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh