Nigerian star actor, Jim Iyke, has revealed that he kissed over 200 actresses on movie sets.

This came as no surprise at all as Jim has on one occasion said that he kissed not less than 200 actresses while on the acting job.

jim iyke

He narrated a situation where he had to kiss three European ladies who accompanied his girl friend to the airport to welcome him, during one of his foreign trips, adding that he doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

He also painted another scenario, where he had to kiss four actresses in the presence of their boy friends.

Jim said;

“I have once kissed them on set, and so, when I walked into the room where two of them were with their boy friends, I kissed them one after the other and their boy friends were mad at me. I have also kissed over 200 actresses on set and nobody is talking about it.”


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  1. Kissing in some cultures is a sign of respect and love for people. The kind of kissing Iyke is talking about is not the one with a tongue to tongue. It is just a perk on someones’ jaw and it is considered a kiss. Taking a Turkish culture, for example, people do not only kiss jaws but also the back of the hands of their parents and elderly uncle, mom and grandmoms as a sign of respect and love.
    If Iyke had said he slept with these women that would have been a different story but he said kiss. Why is that a big deal to the society in Africa?


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