I won’t sit idle and watch my wife do all the house chores – Man


In our society, it is believed that they role of women is to do all the chores in the house.

Talk of cooking, washing, mopping the floor, the list is endless.

Men on the other hand are expected to go out and work, make money and come back home.

Then all they have to do is to watch football match whiles the woman do all the job.

Whether you deny this or not, you’ll find this in most of our homes.

Twitter user @David_Zeelux says he’ll never be this kind of a man. According to him, he’ll always be of help to his wife in carrying out house chores.

A lot of people heaped praises on him. Some are however of the opinion that words and cheap and things will be different when he gets married.

He tweeted:

‘No wife of mine will cook, clean and bath the kids while I sit and watch TV. U cook,i wash the dishes,u sweep the floor,i mop it.I won’t treat someone’s child like a slave and expect Doggy style in bed while she’s tired,HELL NO! Women should be treated with care and respect guys”