Inna Real Life CEO, David Deuces Wallace pictured taking ‘Ibi Tins’ drink in town


Inna Real Life CEO, David Deuces might think he was posing for the camera but he got pictured the wrong way.

The Facebook most popular celebrity was pictured holding ‘Ibi Tins’ whiles hanging out with his artiste, AMG Armani.

‘Ibi Tins’ is a new name for drinks mixed with ‘drugs’ which could be marijuana, tramadol or any other.

The AMG Business’s Most Loyal Fan could be seen in the picture holding a Voltic bottle with a yellowish substance.

From sources, he was seen drinking it from morning till late afternoon and seems to gain much energy whenever he sips one.

David Deuces is the founder of popular Facebook page, Inna Real Life.

Could it be that he has started taking drugs?…Ah well time will tell.

See Photo Below:


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