Moments ago, we pressed here on a viral video that sees a man lashing a grown-up lady for fornicating with a man who’s not her husband.

According to multiple reports, she’s alleged to have slept with a man outside and as per the laws of Saudi Arabia, the lady was expected to receive 100 lashes or go to jail.

The heartless man as seen in the viral video could be seen landing heavy lashes on the backside of the lady even though she was pleading for mercy.

A group of men sat by unconcerned.

Political activist, Kwame A Plus after seeing the video is calling for the arrest of the man who perpetrated the barbaric act.

Taking to Instagram, he wrote:

Who knows these guys?

Where did this happen? Have they been arrested? This is the kind of mob justice which led to the killing of Captain Mahama, the 90 year old lady, Akua Danteh and many other. These guys must be dealt with irrespective of where they are.”

The video is a clear violation of the flogging punishment which was abolished by the order of the Saudi Supreme Court General Commission in April this year.

While women who were caught prostituting or fornicating could previously be flogged, punishment for these crimes has now been limited to jail time or fines.

Foreign nationals who are caught can also be deported after punishment.