Shatta Wale is giving some kind of pressure to Kwaw Kese to do what he has never done before.

That is, to flaunt his wealth.

In recent times, Kwaw Kese has started dressing fine, he now wears expensive clothes and consistently flaunt them on social media.

Even now, he keeps showing off his mansion anytime he wants to post a video on social media.

Well, after Sarkodie flashed his new Range Rover in our eyes, Kwaw Kese has also taken to his Facebook page today to flaunt his BMW.

“Dem a wonder 🙏🏿🗜”, he captioned his photo with him stepping out of the BMW.

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Full photo below:

kwaw kese bmw car

It’s nice Kwaw is finally doing what his school son, Shatta Wale has forced him to do.

However, some fans are also concerned with his sudden change. Some are of the view that he can’t simply compare himself to Shatta Wale.

More so, they believe the Mad Time Records CEO is simply flaunting what he has borrowed from others.

shatta wale advice car

Below are some comments:

Flamez Bahuma La borrow ur career dead longtime Jon after killing ur child u Dey come here dey do nun fa things zanlaa me jailer

Mensah Cecil My guy don’t follow shatta wale nd get disgrace…nd start borrowing car’s nd taking loans for unnecessary hype if you’re Brooooooke you’re Broooooooke
A fan also challenge him to show his number plate if truly the car is his:
Joe Gede Kwaw Kese
Pls don’t try to challenge Shatta the guy is fucking loaded if u try ur leg go break Shatta get 8 expensive cars so my guy don’t bring ur self kraaas Shatta get 3 mansion house at east Lagon pls if u try Hmmmmm u will start taking loan from Bank wait up to next year Shatta wale private jet loading……….
#Kwaw_kese why u hide the number plate let see the number plate
Sheik Osman Dawood Sia,Shatta throw shots on U sey U be poor den U start dressing properly, take ur abodam dressing go eeehhh ….Kwashia….Respect SM BOSS….
Adongo Bismark Akurigo You buy this insult for yourself, respect yourself big man , I feel pain when you are disrespect but your caused it ? Be careful with media
Bigsam Tee Boys dey insult am rented car borrowed car Massa park ur own make we see bicycle tyre saf hmmmm asemooo,
This war started when Shatta Wale in an interview with DJ Reuben of Luv FM in Kumasi claims the likes of Sarkodie and Kwaw Kese are all very poor currently and all the ‘hate’ they have for him is because of this particular reason.Shatta Wale made this comment as a reply to a question about why he believes other artistes believe he makes controversial statements to piss them off and pull them down.

shatta wale advice car

The SM4LYF boss further stated that he is not boxing with anyone to pull them but the reality is that currently; “Kwaw Kese is very Poor, Sarkodie is poor but for Stonebwoy because he is on the same label with me, he has a few things… but the rest of them are poor… I am saying the poor because it is very serious…”