Man celebrates DJ Arafat’s death & prays Awilo Longomba dies next


A man has taken to social media to publicly celebrate the death of African Legendary singer DJ Arafat and as well prayed Awilo Longomba dies next.

Taking to Instagram, the yet to be identified man explained that DJ Arafat’s death will allow Africa as a whole to be peaceful.

The ‘Happy’ man added tha Arafat’s songs are full of trash without any sense.

Praying for more bad news to befall his fellow man, the unidentified man prayed Awilo Longomba also suffers a similar fate.

A report by indicated that DJ Arafat, an Ivorian singer with a huge following in francophone Africa, died after a road accident in Abidjan, the state broadcaster RTI said on Monday.

“Death of artist DJ Arafat… today at 8am as a result of a road accident overnight,” it tweeted.

According to messages and pictures circulating on social media, he had been driving a motorbike and smashed into a car. Critically injured, he was taken to an Abidjan hospital, where he later died.

Celebrities Buzz upon conducting a thorough investigation came across CCTV footage of how he died.

We also sighted the sad reactions of his wife upon hearing the news.

It is unbelievable to note how he was rough riding his motor prior to his death.

Many gathered in front of his house waiting to hear a confirmation from the family as to whether he is truly dead or opposite.

Davido, a good friend of him has promised to take care of his family for the rest of their lives.

Meanwhile, a last video of him having dinner with his family has popped up.

Watch Video Below:




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