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Medikal killed his Tim Westwood freestyle & I’m the next – Patapaa says & Medikal replies back

Medikal raised the bar high for all African rappers who wish to be featured on Tim Westwood’s crib freestyle section after his recent one made a worldwide trend.

The AMG Beyond Control artiste gave a high class of freestyle on the world’s renowned media platform where he warned BBC, CNN and Aljazeera to desist from painting Africa black.

He warned them as well to stop shooting movies that seek to make Africa look like a war zone.

Many top artistes and celebrities across the globe applauded Medikal for such a stunning performance.

Patapaa Amisty of ‘One Corner’ fame has declared that he is the next to make Ghana proud on the media.

He wrote: “You killed it bro…I’m proud. Watch out for me next.

Medikal who saw Patapaa‘s tweet immediately thanked him and added that he knows he will destroy Tim Westwood.

“Thank you so much Patapaa and I know you will destroy Timwestood as well, Can’t wait. Bless You” – He wrote.

Many are questioning whether he will be singing or raping there.

Others too are of the view that Tim Westwood don’t entertain ‘Asorkpor’ artistes.

Anyhow it goes, we believe Patapaa can bring the world to a standstill with his ‘Patupaskelenken’.

See Screenshot Below:

Medikal killed his Tim Westwood freestyle & I'm the next - Patapaa


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