In Ghana, one thing that has become the trend is, once a female public figure gets popular, her skin becomes lighter.

It’s being the case for sometime now and once  you talk about it, they say it’s the ‘too much money’ that they have that has all of a sudden changed their skin color.

The likes of Becca is a very good example.

Well, the latest celebrity who is gradually becoming fair and fairer as the day goes by is Moesha Buodong.

Her skin is almost like that of late Pop-star Michael Jackson.

Her old photos show that she used to be one dark and lovely, chocolate-skinned girl but all of a sudden, we can’t differentiate her from the Whites.

moesha boduong old pics
moesha boduong old pic

If someone who died last year should be resurrected back to life, he/she would find it difficult to make-out Moesha Buodong.

Take a look at her new photos below:

moesha buodong moesha buodong

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