A Twitter user by name, Jellybum, says her broke brother impregnated a lady who was in their house to talk to their parents.

According to her, her mum told the girl pregnant for her brother that, she is disappointed in her for getting pregnant for her unemployed son.

She said; “So my big cousin impregnated somebody and the girl is here talking to my mom. My mom said “im angry at you, not for getting pregnant o, but why would you allow this broke boy impregnate you? You know he’s unemployed right?”
My mother is killing me”

She said they are getting them married next month.

“So long story short, we’re doing wedding 😂😂. We’ll do introduction next month or month end. While he sorts out job and accommodation for them. Sha owambe loading and I’m here for it”

Some reactions below..

Don’t get pregnant for a broke azz nigga .