Nigerians react to Sarkodie’s my advice diss track to Shatta Wale

Sarkodie has just set the whole Africa on fire with his diss track to Shatta Wale and here are some of the reactions from Nigeria.

I wonder why shatta wale is seen as a musician in Ghana mean while if he’s in Nigeria he wouldn’t even get the opportunity to sing in a university student graduation.
Even Speed Darlington get level pass am”

Sark is the boss in Ghana I don’t even know who’s Shata Wale…….. Dis guy is just like Buhari…….. Tragedy

Allow me to say sarkodie is the Eminem of Africa. Someone hit song is what sarkodie just wasted to diss

Confidence is when you able to compliment people without feeling insecure,Wow Attention seeking is not bad but too much of it is chronic disease New money New home New Car but you can’t think far…He buried Shatta Wale Alive Last Burial part 5

Lol… diss track so far.
U claim u buy new house,car n watch buh u can’t think forward…buhahahaa
#Kingsark still remain d best..

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  1. James Landford October 11, 2018

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