No win, no money: Blackstar players should be paid after they’ve won the trophy – Ghanaian Blogger


Football lovers are sick and tired of players of the National Team. They’re breaking our hearts even more than heart-breaks suffered in relationships.

You’ll put your hope in them only for them to fail you at the end. This is making a lot of people not to even have interest in watching football matches of the Ghana Blackstars.

Well, African Cup of Nations 2019 is forth-coming again and we expect our boys to bring the cup back home.

Just that we’re not even sure they’ll win the cup anyway taking cue from how disappointing they can be.

ghana black stars
ghana black stars

Well, the most painful part is how gargantuan sums of the tax-payers money is used to pay them whether they win or lose.

In an effort to solve this problem of the players of National team taking away the tax payer’s money in return for nothing, a Ghanaian Blogger by name Samuel-Clement Enoku is suggesting that the players should be paid after they win the tournament.

Samuel-Clement Enok
Samuel-Clement Enoku

That’s to mean if they do not win, then, they should not be paid. Just a hug from the president should be their reward.

Samuel-Clement Enoku wrote:

“On AFCON 2019: Why can’t we pay these players after they’ve won the trophy?
No win, no money, just a hug from the president 😄.”

What do you think about this idea? Let us know in the comment box!!!

Meanwhile, Ghana’s final 23-man squad for AFCON 2019 have been named – Waris, Ofori dropped.


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